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What exactly is company bike leasing and how does it work?

Company bike leasing is the modern and environmentally friendly version of the company car. Bicycles are easily and above all inexpensively obtained through the employer - usually in the form of a so-called "salary conversion".

With company bike leasing, you select your desired bike from us in advance and then pay a monthly leasing instalment, which is settled directly via your gross salary by way of salary conversion. Of course, you can use the bike not only for your commute to work, but also in your free time.

After the agreed term of usually 36 months, the leasing contract for your company bike ends automatically. You can then buy the bike at the second-hand purchase price or simply return it - and start off with a new company bike if you wish.

What a great opportunity to ride a great bike, save money and do something for the environment at the same time, isn't it?

In the following, we will explain the process of leasing a company bike with JONITO as well as all the other advantages. Whether you are an employee, employer, self-employed or freelancer - everyone can benefit.

What does my company bike cost me and is leasing worthwhile for me?

Since the leasing instalments for your company bike are offset directly against your gross salary in the course of salary conversion and you benefit from the so-called 0.25% rule with regard to the taxation of the private use portion, you end up paying significantly less than with a private purchase or even private financing. Depending on the leasing provider, service and insurance options, the amount of your gross salary and the corresponding deductions, your tax class and the regular purchase price or the RRP of your bike, the savings in comparison can even be between 20 and 40%.

Sounds complicated - but fortunately it's not in practice! Most leasing partners provide benefit calculators on their websites, with the help of which you can determine the leasing rate and net charge for your company bike as well as the savings compared to the regular purchase with just a few clicks. The calculation also takes into account the expected used purchase price that you will have to pay if you decide to take over the bike at the end of the leasing period. For most leasing providers, this is currently 18% of the RRP. But switching to a new company bike also has its advantages! After all, you always stay up to date with the latest technology and can choose your bike in a completely new way.

Advantages for employees

  • Up to 40% savings compared to buying a bike or e-bike privately
  • Insurance and services can be covered by the contract
  • No brand commitment - employees can freely choose their desired bike
  • Unlimited use: the company bike can also be used in leisure time
  • Cycling keeps you fit, is fun and provides the necessary balance alongside your job
  • Company bike riders remain flexible: at the end of the leasing period, the bike can be taken over or a new company bike can be leased

Doesn't all this involve an insane amount of paperwork?

Not at all! Leasing providers deliberately keep their processes lean.

Most of them use online portals and clear forms that guide employees as well as employers and self-employed persons step by step through the entire leasing process and provide all parties involved with an up-to-date overview of the leasing status at all times.

Nothing is left to chance - even in the event of termination, prolonged illness or parental leave, leasing providers have uncomplicated solutions at the ready and provide support in writing as well as on the phone in all matters relating to leasing.

This is how leasing at JONITO works for you as an employee


Consult with your employer

First find out from your employer whether and which leasing options exist in your company.

If you do not yet offer company bike leasing, we can also advise you on this.


Choosing your bike

Now choose your dream bike in our shop or on site in our showroom in Lübeck and decide on your preferred size and color.

Our staff will be happy to help you with your choice.


Leasing application

As we work with all the major service bike leasing providers and the respective processes vary greatly, it is unfortunately not possible to check out directly via our shopping basket.

Therefore, please use the "Company Bike Leasing" button, which you will find in the purchase options, and fill out the form that opens. We will now create a leasing offer for you directly via the respective leasing portal. You can view it there yourself.


Conclusion and approval

Your offer can now be confirmed and approved by you and your employer in the online portal of the company bike provider. Our offer remains subject to confirmation by your company bike provider.

From this point on, your desired bike is reserved for you.


Pick up or fast delivery

If we already have your bike in stock, the next step is assembly and then dispatch or collection from our showroom in Lübeck. If you have pre-ordered a bike that is not yet in stock, the bike will be assembled and shipped as soon as possible after delivery by the manufacturer.

Don't worry, as long as we have not yet delivered the bike, no payments have to be made to the leasing company.


Receipt and takeover

After receipt of the goods, we will enter the takeover for you in the leasing portal. Depending on the leasing company you have chosen, you will receive a transfer code or documents, which you can send us by e-mail.

If you want to collect your bike from us, you can simply bring the handover code with you and we will enter the takeover right here.


Get riding!

As soon as your handover has been registered, your leasing begins and you can start your first tours without any worries!

FAQ: Questions and answers about company bike leasing at JONITO

Whether bike or e-bike, mountain, trekking or gravel bike - you alone can choose your individual dream bike! We at JONITO will be happy to advise you on exactly the bike that suits you perfectly!

Although the various providers usually specify certain price ranges that differ from each other, these are extremely generous, so that all bike lovers are guaranteed to find what they are looking for. In addition, individual restrictions regarding the scope of the lease may be set by the employer(s).

You can't decide whether you'd rather go on extensive tours on a trekking bike, conquer the roads on a racing bike or climb the mountains on a mountain bike? You don't have to!

In principle, several service bikes can be leased at the same time for different requirements.

Of course, the right accessories go with the beloved bike - be it a spare battery, bike lock or helmet, additional pedals or the right saddle! Which accessories can be leased varies depending on the leasing provider, but in most cases a wide range of accessories can be included in the leasing contract so that they do not have to be purchased separately and no wishes remain unfulfilled.

Our leasing partners have thought of everything so that you are covered in the event of an emergency. This includes comprehensive insurance cover, which ensures that you are spared unnecessary hassle and expense in the event of theft or damage to the bike - often in combination with a mobility guarantee. The specific scope of the insurance and its conditions depend on the leasing provider. Some work with different insurance packages - with or without excess, others offer a uniform comprehensive insurance. The corresponding insurance premium is also charged directly to the gross salary.

The same applies to the services that are also included - from the annual inspection to the full service for any repairs. After all, your high-quality bike needs to be looked after and cared for! Here, too, the handling varies from provider to provider. Some differentiate between annual check-ups (UVV check or inspection) and additional coverage of wear-and-tear repairs, others work with different service budgets where the corresponding annual credit can be used flexibly.

And this is where the JONITO team comes into play again. To ensure that you enjoy your service bike for a long time, the master craftsmen and mechanics at our in-house quality workshop in Lübeck regularly put your bike through its paces and, if something should break, quickly get you back on the road. Our large stock of spare parts and close contact with the manufacturers guarantees that service and repair work can be carried out quickly and smoothly, and prevents long waiting times. We also take care of the service or repair notification to the leasing provider and settlement with the insurance company. You are not from the region? No problem - service and repair work can be carried out by any specialist dealer who is a partner of the respective leasing provider.

Please contact the person responsible in your company. They will be able to provide you with all the necessary information.

A reservation is only possible with a direct purchase through our shop or after confirmation of the leasing contract by the leasing provider.

Here you have the option of applying for a private lease through the leasing company Eleasa. We will also be happy to help you convince your employer to lease a company bike. Please contact us directly. 

We usually need up to one working day to prepare the leasing offer. The confirmations from your employer and the leasing provider usually take 3-4 working days. However, this depends on the processing time of your employer.

The RRP determines the final purchase rate if you take over the bike after the lease.

No. The leasing instalments will only be invoiced after the handover has been registered.

The delivery of your service bike will take place as you have previously selected in our form. It is possible to change the shipping method at a later date.

Services can be carried out at any partner workshop of the respective leasing company.

To what extent do employers and the self-employed benefit from company bike leasing?

Company bike leasing is not only worthwhile for employees, but also offers a lot of advantages for employers and self-employed people. After all, bike leasing is one of the most sought-after work benefits, promotes employee motivation and health and, according to surveys, is even more popular than meal vouchers or discounts at the gym.

Company bikes support both the environment and a healthy work-life balance, provide positive publicity as an attractive employer and save employees the hassle of searching for parking spaces and long traffic jams, especially in inner-city areas. But that's not all! Since the leasing instalments are settled directly via the gross salary by way of salary conversion, ancillary wage costs can also be reduced in addition to all the above-mentioned advantages.

Self-employed, freelance and commercial company bike riders no longer have to pay tax on the private use portion of leased bikes since 2019. In addition, the leasing instalments and running costs for the company bike can be claimed in full each month as a business expense. There is also no accounting obligation, as the company bike is a leased asset.

Advantages for employers

  • Reduction of ancillary wage costs through direct settlement via gross salaries
  • Simple handling and control of leasing processes via online portals
  • No hidden costs or risks
  • Positive publicity as an attractive employer
  • Promotion of employee satisfaction, motivation and health
  • Sustainable environmental protection - company bike leasing is the next step towards a more environmentally friendly company

Advantages for self-employed

  • No taxation obligation on the private use share
  • Leasing instalments can be claimed in full each month as a business expense
  • Maintenance costs are also tax-deductible
  • Leasing objects do not have to be reported in the balance sheet
  • Plannable operating expenses due to constant leasing instalments